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Pain Management Services: We Make Your Dog or Cat Comfortable Again

Whether the pain is from illness, injury or recuperating from surgery, our goal is to manage, minimize or eliminate your pet’s pain. At Fairview Veterinary Hospital, we will provide the highest quality care to alleviate your pet’s discomfort. We will also teach you methods and pain relief options to use at home.

Hidden Pain

Animals instinctively hide their pain, which can mask the symptoms of a health problem. Fairview veterinarians and staff know what to look for to determine the presence of pain. We can teach you how to spot the symptoms.

Some potential symptoms of pain in your dog or cat include:

Any behavioral changes can be a symptom of pain or discomfort. Pets who display these changes should be examined immediately.

Preventing Pain

Keeping your pet free of pain and healthy requires regular health and wellness care. This should include vaccinations and routine diagnostic lab work. Keeping up with your pet’s diet and nutrition is also vital to prevent health issues.

Pain Control During Surgery

It is normal during surgery to use a general anesthesia. During this process, to maintain the safety and comfort of your pet, one of our technicians will monitor and evaluate your pet during the procedure. The methods we use to safeguard your pet include:

It is normal following surgery for your pet to experience some pain and discomfort while they recuperate. We will customize a course of pain management for your pet’s condition and needs. The options that can be exercised include pain patches, oral medications or other methods to maintain and improve your pet’s comfort levels while they recover.

Medications From Our Pharmacy

Medications are available from our in-house pharmacy. If your pet is showing signs of pain or you have questions regarding pain management, please contact us.

On the Web

A guide to pain medication is available from the Pet Health Center on WebMD:

Other excellent web links include:

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