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In-House Lab at Fairview Veterinary Hospital: Laboratory Testing Has Not Left the Building

Laboratory equipment at Fairview Aminal Hospital

At Fairview Veterinary Hospital we have our own special in-house diagnostic laboratory to provide faster results. We offer a progressive approach, giving your pet the best in testing and diagnostic care, for life.

Pet Diagnostic Testing

We provide a complete range of diagnostic tests. Here are some of the standard services that we offer:

Blood Tests

Diagnostic blood testing can be used to determine the presence of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. It can also reduce or eliminate anesthesia-related complications during surgery.


Complete blood cell count allows the veterinarian to determine the overall health of your pet’s blood. This includes the relationship between platelets and white and red blood cells, the health of oxygen in the blood, potential clotting issues and the presence of disease.

Blood Chemistry Panel

A blood chemistry panel provides an overview of your pet’s health, internal organs and metabolism. It allows the veterinarian to screen for kidney or liver disease and diabetes. Blood chemistry panels are also used to assess potassium and sodium and to evaluate thyroid gland function.

Urine Analysis

This is a vital diagnostic tool for your pet’s kidney health. It can reveal diabetes, urinary crystals, or urinary tract infection. To perform a urine collection, you can catch a sample in a clean container. If this is too difficult, the veterinarian can use a sterile catheter or cystocentesis, using a sterile needle to extract urine directly from the bladder. All of these procedures are clean and safe for your pet.

When Lab Tests Are Necessary

Laboratory diagnostics may be required for many situations. These include:

On the Web

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