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Pet Boarding Services

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At Fairview Veterinary Hospital you can count on us to provide the best veterinarian-supervised boarding care available. We can alleviate your stress and keep your pet healthy while you are away. We offer peace of mind and a safe environment, with people you know you can trust.

Comfort, Fun, and Safety

We are dedicated to making our boarding services comfortable and fun for your pet. We make sure that our guests always have a fresh and nutritious diet, tailored to your wishes. Your pet will also have plenty of time and space for exercise.

We will also provide your pet with his or her own comfortable sleeping area. For dogs, we offer climate-controlled wards and runs.

Vaccine Requirements

For Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella, Influenza (Recommended)

For Cats: Rabies, Distemper

Medical Needs

If your pet has medical needs, boarding at a veterinary hospital is an ideal option. Our boarding services are monitored by a veterinary team that remains on hand to provide any necessary medication or specialized treatment for all pets.

For emergency situations, we can call upon a 24-hour specialty and emergency hospital. Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services is on hand to provide expert specialized care, with prior signed approval.


We offer basic grooming services such as baths, nail trimming, and matted fur removal to keep your pet healthy and clean. We can also provide some on-demand services, including:

Boarding Policies

We require a wellness care plan and current vaccinations in place for every pet we board. This helps to maintain the health and wellness of all of our guests. If we discover that your pet has fleas, we use Capstar® to treat the problem. If your pet is on a routine of parasite control and scheduled for their treatment, we can provide this service. Just let us know when you drop off your pet.

For further information about our boarding services, give us a call.

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