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Fairview Veterinary Hospital Senior Pet Care: It’s All About Specialization

The right healthcare for your elderly pet can add many strong and active years to their life. At Fairview Veterinary Hospital, we offer healthcare routines tailored especially for mature cats and dogs and specialized to individual needs.

Special Care

Dogs and cats age up to seven times faster than humans, making it important to keep up with their healthcare needs. Your pet’s biannual checkup is extremely important, since senior pets face a much higher risk of cancer, diabetes, kidney or liver problems or other illnesses.

Exams and Screening

At every biannual exam, your veterinarian will perform the following services and checks:

We also recommend regular lab work for all senior pets, including:

We may recommend other tests as needed, such as urinalysis, diagnostic imaging, or blood pressure, as hypertension can be a serious consequence of other diseases. Your veterinarian can update you on all necessary specialized care or lifestyle changes to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Changes in Diet

Obesity is another common concern for elderly pets. As their metabolism and activity levels change, it is sometimes necessary to alter their diet to control weight and reduce the risk of heart disease and hypertension.

Prescription diets can be tailored for senior pets to maintain nutrition, correct digestive issues and address allergies and special conditions. For example, arthritis can be treated using a combination of chondroitin, pain medication, fish oil supplements, a prescription diet and a tailored activity plan.

If you have questions or for information about senior dog or cat care, contact us. We are always eager to help our Fairview Veterinary Hospital family.

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